* If you’re just unhappy about the fact that your breasts have fallen, get a breast lift only. Don’t let your Plastic Surgeon convince you to get implants instead. It might be a quicker and more profitable surgery for him or her. But it’s not what you need. At least once every office, I’m told by a patient “I just wanted a lift but my Plastic Surgeon convinced me to get implants instead.” 

Patient with 250cc breast implants … she should never have had breast implants

* If you have a history of autoimmune disease, skin disorders, severe allergies, asthma or thyroid disease, think twice before getting breast implants. You may be at higher risk of developing BII.

* Do not be lulled into the idea that your breast augmentation will be a one-time deal. Estimated revision rates for breast augmentation are 10%. With current recommendations, you will at least need to consider changing your implants at the 10 year mark if no other complication should arise. It is VERY UNLIKELY that you will never require another surgery to the breasts following a breast augmentation.

* Do you really need breast implants? Don’t get implants just because your friends did. Don’t succumb to marketing pressure with images of skinny women with ridiculously large breasts. It’s all fake!

* If you insist on getting breast implants, don’t ever forget that gravity will always win. The bigger the implants, the more complications and problems you will have.