Danielle Valoras (PA-C, Charlotte): “Detox is not proven for the treatment of BII. But healthy eating, hydration and exercise will always improve recovery from any illness. For biotoxin illness such as Bii, the root cause may be the implants and as such explanting is a key step in the healing journey. Many people ask me about what the right ‘detox’ program to do after explant; please keep in mind that ‘detox diets’ rarely identify the specific toxins they are claimed to remove.

There is a lot of foundational work that everyone can do. Like eating clean, making sure you chew your food fully before swallowing, etc. Foundationally you can start a good nutrient rich diet, adding lots of colorful vegetables and fruits – there are many diets out there to choose from. What works for me is to keep it simple and clean. Adding in healthy foods and removing foods that can cause inflammation or cannot be digested well. 

Consider adiet that encompasses clean eating: no gluten, no dairy, no processed sugar, and no alcohol with non-GMO, organic and wild caught protein sources.  Make sure you are hydrated including electrolytes during the day and make sure you eat a variety of antioxidant rich foods and food that have phyto-nutrients and sulfur sources like cruciferous vegetables. Consider a diet rich in pre and pro biotics to keep your digestive system healthy, which is important for proper detoxification and immune health. Restorative sleep and stress management are extremely important; to rest is to heal.  Go for balance, not perfection. Continually assess and keep up efforts to support healthy immune system balance and function.”


Danielle Valoras (PA-C, Charlotte): “The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that transport lymph throughout the body. Its responsibilities include cleaning the cellular environment, returning proteins and excess tissue fluids to the blood, providing a pathway for the absorption of fats into the bloodstream, and the production and transportation of antibodies (white blood cells called lymphocytes) throughout the body to fight infection.

The lymphatic system is THOUGHT to have an important role in those who have breast implants and breast implant related illness. In short, when the lymphatic system is blocked by structure or by physiology, health can deteriorate. Picture an engine with car oil and you can equate our lymphatic system to an oil filter. Imagine how sluggish and constrictive the engine would be if the oil were not constantly filtered. Sluggish lymph fluid is a breeding ground for infection and dysregulation.

Because lymph cleanses nearly every cell in the body, symptoms of chronic lymph blockage are diverse. These symptoms can make it challenging to identify the root cause, triggers and mediators that effect our health. There are signs and symptoms you can tell if your lymphatic system is impacted. There is also thermography that can show you where your body is being the most impacted by lymph stagnation. More clinical studies are needed to identify key treatments for Breast Implant Illness. We do know that removal of the implants helps many gain vitality and health.

Treatments that MAY help support your lymphatic system include: 1. Lymphatic drainage massage and/or visceral manipulation  2. Clean healthy diet  3. Deep breathing exercises 4. Simple body movements i.e. yoga, walking, rebounding  5. Tapping on key lymphatic points (collar bone, etc.) and dry brushing  6. Infra-red sauna  (post-explant) 7. Supporting adrenals with electrolytes and hydration.”